Did Brittany Mahomes post shady tweets about her now-friend Taylor Swift back in the day on X, formerly known as Twitter?

Brittany Mahomes Tweets Taylor Swift

According to this TikTok video posted by user @stephaniematto, resurfaced tweets previously posted by Brittany on X, formerly known as Twitter, have been circulating online.


Brittany Mahomes shady tweets about Taylor Swift resurface! #taylorswift #swiftie #ttpd #drama #celebritynews

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Brittany Mahomes Twitter

The alleged “shady” tweets about Taylor- whom Brittany is now friends with, have sparked widespread attention online. Brittany is the wife of Patrick Mahomes, who is friends with Travis Kelce- who is dating Taylor. As a result, Brittany and Taylor have been spotted together at Kansas City Chiefs games and have recently become friends. Apparently, Brittany deleted past tweets she made about referencing Taylor, which were posted years ago. The TikToker showcases some of these alleged tweets which you can find in the image, below.


Brittany Mahomes and Taylor Swift

The TikToker claims that these past tweets seemingly come across as “mean” and “passive-aggressive jabs.” However, the tweets are from 2013, which means Brittany would’ve been around 18 years old when she posted these tweets. It is very possible that she was too young to realize the impact of her words online.

What are your thoughts on these tweets and subsequent claims?

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