A video of Lana Del Rey getting knocked over at the Super Bowl is going viral online. HOLR breaks it down.

According to this video posted by TikTok user @enews, footage of Taylor Swift’s celeb suite at the Super Bowl LVIII shows the star’s bestie, Lana Del Rey, getting knocked over as the Chiefs win against the 49ers.

lana del rey super bowl

The clip features Taylor Swift, Ice Spice, Lana Del Rey, and Keleigh Sperry all celebrating the Chief’s triumphant win over the 49ers at this year’s Super Bowl. However, it also shows Lana getting seemingly trampled out of the frame, and seemingly to the ground, following the huge celebration.

Lana Del Rey Super Bowl

Following this celebration, rumors started spreading online claiming that Lana was hurt or injured as a result of the viral Super Bowl video footage.

lana del rey super bowl

For instance, accounts on X- formerly known as Twitter- falsely claimed that Lana reportedly suffered a broken arm following the Super Bowl celebration, but this rumor has proven to be false. Others took to the viral post to share that Lana did not actually post an update on social media and that this viral photo of her seemingly in a cast is allegedly an old photo of the star.

People also claimed that Lana got right back up and continued celebrating with Swfit and their friends, further validating that she wasn’t injured.

What do you think about these rumors running wild about Lana Del Rey following the Super Bowl win?

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Image Credits: @enews TikTok, @CinamonSluh X