Travis Kelce Boiled over Media Voices and Taylor Swift Fan-“I can’t be mad at how it’s all played out.”

“I had no idea, man. You can’t tell me that anybody else did either, but I can’t be mad at how it’s all played out. I’ll say that.” 

On October 3rd, Travis Kelce dropped a bomb, answering a question about enormous attention for the romantic rumors with a beloved celebrity, Taylor Swift, during a podcast appearance on Chasin’ It with Trey Wingo and Chase Daniel, which now created a stir in the media and among her fans.

Travis Kelce got a headache from the NFL’s encroach on his personal life, speaking his mind with a podcast, New Heights by Jason Kelce.

Jackson: “Is the NFL overdoing it? What is your honest opinion?”

Travis: “I think, I think everybody’s just overwhelmed.”

Jackson: “Not, take away, take away, your feelings for Taylor.”

Travis: (lost for words, grinning happily)

Jackson: “What is your honest opinion about how the NFL is treating celebrities at games?”

Travis: “I think it’s fun when they show who all was at the game. I think it brings a little bit more to the atmosphere, brings a little bit more to what you’re watching, but at the same time, I think they’re overdoing it. They’re overdoing it a little bit, for sure. Especially my situation. I think they’re just trying to have fun with it.”

Jackson: “I just think the angel is not used to celebrities coming to the games, like basketball has it figured out. They’re all courtside. They’re sitting there. They show them once or twice, but they get back to the game. NFL’s like, oh, look at all these A-list celebrities at the game. Keep showing them. Show them, show them, dude, listen, you show them once, let them know they’re there after a touchdown……..”

@newheightshowIs the NFL media being too loud? ?♬ original sound – New Heights

During the interview with Jason, although Travis opened up about his honest feelings and was mentioned about Taylor Swift, he kept consistently calm and gentle with his charming smile. His handling of the media voice or the uproar around him makes his maturity stand out, which Taylor Swift would attract.

Have Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift been getting to let the public know their relationship inch-by-inch?

Now Travis Kelce is a hot topic name on SNS with Taylor thanks to NFL, and this is not a surreal fever anymore that he never dreamed of, no one would have expected- but Travis!! Don’t worry!! It is happening here and now!!

The NFL star got confidence after a beautiful, lovable diva showed up at the Kansas City Chiefs’ full-game battle Sunday night, beating the New York Jets to win 23-20 at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey. This was not the first game that Talor Swift came out to root for him, but the second time for her.

Alongside some of Taylor’s big-shot friends, including Hugh Jackman, Blake Lively, and Ryan Reynolds, she couldn’t stop rejoicing, her heart skipping a beat, and even she was jumping up and down, which was rarely seen.

But it would be good for them not to stir things up! So, let’s watch them with warm eyes:)-Don’t disturb me!!

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