Bvlgari Fall Winter 21 Leather Goods and Accessories Collection is designated as the “urban oasis” line. The collection is devoted to the theme of “metamorphosis” embodying Bvlgari’s symbol of “Serpenti”. Its ever-changing motion comes into play with unique material combinations, elevated proportions, and delicate details. The striking design of Maision’s heritage reinterpreted also plays a key role in this collection.

The transformation of Serpenti Forever began with the introduction of raffia into the world of the snake. The Bvlgari snake symbolizes urban touch with a playful demeanour. The snake has become a worldwide symbol for women’s endless transformation. It reminds women of the chance of change and rebirth that fashion can give us. 

The colour palette appears to be inspired by the element of water, as Bvlgairi works with a fluid crystalline colour palette. The iconic chain motif and heritage of the snakehead represent an immense level of seduction with the Seprenti Forever Maxi Chain. 

The gem-inspired colour of the season is the fabulous aquamarine. The 2 must-have bags of the Bvlgari snake family come in an enchanting delicate bicolour look with leather frame edges and snakehead details grasping a light colour contrast. A spellbinding stone symbolizing youth, health, and hope in the shade of turquoise.

The Serpenti Forever is a worldly modern crossbody bar with 2 external pockets that are revitalized with fresh finishes, the edges are hand-painted in teal, which generates a sophisticated contrast with a neutral tone of the bag’s calf leather in Butter Onyx, with a vivid mix of the colour-duo of the snakehead scales. 

Serpenti forever shaded Karung Crossbody bag is a rich treasure crafted with a modern digital print technique. The pearly effect is accomplished with an assortment of hand-sprayed iridescent pearls, concluded by the utilization of specific foil lending the shiny finish. The result is an unparalleled pattern, exclusive to Bvlgary which makes every piece custom, special, and “one-of-a-kind”.

The Serpenti Afterfglow python bag, a new feature of the professed “blue gold”, emphasizing the water element and contemporary style to an urban vibe. The front-cut python skin is first hand-painted to establish the base colour with an airbrush. The nuance has been taken to extreme depth with an extravagant 3D effect and a final touch in the pearl finish. Perfection lies in the precision to detail that  Bvlgari establishes like no one else.

In addition, this season features the BVLGARI logo tote bag mixing everyday life practicality with the Maison’s elegant jewellery’s touch. It is your everyday bag with a little something special.

Bvlgari logo base with its squared shape, fresh lines sublimed by delicate details this practical tote, centred around the legendary BVLGARI logo. The tote bag comes in black or blush quartz calf leather with an exquisite grainy effect and a canvas edition.

The Textile collection is filled with modern tone-on-tone colour combinations. While the Small Leather Goods, introduces exhibiting micro-bags emphasizing the distinctive trademarks of the season and dynamic Serpenti and Divas’ Dream bracelets, embracing quintessential designs with a splash of colour and fun.

 Bvlgari’s Serpenti Diamond Blast has a mesmerizing theme of colour that could almost put a spell on you. I personally feel hypnotized by the Python Skin, which again proves to be a cult favourite canvas. 

The Serpenti Diamond Blast, one with a detachable top handle and thick gold chain strap, and the other with a thinner jewel-inspired chain. The youthful fringe ruling the bag allures the contrast between natural hues and gem-inspired nuances and the shade on shade mat finishing.

The FW’21 Eyewear Collection “Serpenti” style is influenced by the snake’s strength to forever change its skin. While the influence is trendy and ever-changing with cutting-edge designs the look still remains timeless.

Bvlgari’s “Oasis” line gives us the city vibe with classic looks that are still edgy, but also everlasting.