Accustomed to dressing for cold weather, cuffing season is wrapping up to a time of year wherein new (and old) relationships come together in obvious coupling via fashion style. Here are a few outfits you can share this season between you and your S.O.

Zac Posen Pre Fall 2018

Ski sweaters. There is joy in shabby Saturdays decked in pullovers on top of turtle necks, like these ones at Sally La Pointe’s Pre FW18 collection. Crew neck woolens are a cozy fit for anyone. Check out UnMade on Farfetch; the UK made-to-order brand is bound to make your relationship that much closer with a bespoke knit jumper. Alternatively we are also still passionate for a classic Missoni print.

UMD for Farfetch

Socks. Ribbed socks are everywhere, even at Uniqlo. Get ‘em at Yo Sox on Queen West in Toronto while it’s still cold.

via @linneklund

Sunglasses. Snow is reflective, and shiny. That makes us a) excited for a hefty snowfall, b) susceptible to snow blindness, or photokeratitis. To protect your sight, we have been eyeing these ice cube blue shades from Celine. Think of them as a 3D movie glasses silhouette, vamped up with eye protection. Now you can plan a movie date with your mistletoe babe and watch some Planet Earth together in your matching ski sweaters. Cute!

Toques. Keep that big ol’ brain cozy in a ribbed beanie and look good while you do. We like a hat that compliments the face: features are emphasized with or without waves of hair strung around your cheeks under a hat like these at Club Monaco.

via GQ

Jean jackets. We see sweater/toque/Levi’s jacket layering in your near future… What we really mean by this is a denim jacket silhouette like these hyper-quilted-looking jackets at NYC-based brand Bode.

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

Party hats (for NYE). There is a new article out about scientists rooting to ban glitter because it’s destroying the oceans (as if they were not yet sparkling enough). Here are a few over-the-top hat inspirations to wrap up the debauchery of 2017. 1) The almost one-year-old look Beyonce served up at the 2017 Grammys in February. 2) Any moment with Lea Seydoux and her hats in the 2014 documentary fashion film Saint Laurent. 3) Dyeing your hair orange like Pharrell.

Thus our list of appropriate party/cozy wear for the cold months is laid out for you, like an outfit waiting to be worn.

Tell us your favourite piece to borrow @holrmagazine!

*disclaimer: This entire story borrows inspiration from my S.O., who helps me choose my outfits as often as possible.