Social media has reportedly found out who Callum Jones’ new girlfriend is.

June 25, 2024– According to this TikTok video posted by user @lottiehulmeshowbiz, Callum Jones- from Love Island- has a new leading lady in his life.

Callum Jones Love Island

The Love Islander took to social media to share some snapshots of the month- some of which hinted at a new girl in his life.


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He seemingly soft-launched his new woman when he posted a photo of the back of her walking.

This sent the internet into a frenzy as people were curious as to who this woman was. As a result, fans took matters into their own hands and decided to do some digging online to see if they could find out. Eagle-eyed fans spotted that one of Callum’s posts featured boats in the background and traced the image back to this photo of Myna- who they allege is his new girlfriend.

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Image Credits: @lottiehulmeshowbiz TikTok, @callumjones, @mynaamor Instagram

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