Cameron Sexton Affair Megan Lyons Lane

Tennessee Speaker of the House Cameron Sexton is facing calls for resignation amidst multiple scandals that have surfaced in recent weeks. First, he organized a vote to expel two Black Democrat lawmakers from the chamber for staging a protest over gun control in the wake of the recent school shooting in Nashville. This move was met with outrage from thousands of Christians who signed an online petition calling for his resignation, accusing him of acting with racist intentions by seeking to remove the Black representatives who protested, and not the white representative who demonstrated alongside them.

Cameron Sexton Affair Megan Lyons

Who Is Megan Lyons Lane

As if that wasn’t enough, further allegations have emerged, including that Sexton does not live in the districts he represents and may have had an affair with a married lobbyist named Megan Lane, who happens to be married to the Deputy Communications Director for Governor Bill Lee. Sexton himself is also married with kids.

The accusations come at a time of heightened political tensions in Tennessee following the mass shooting that left six dead, including three nine-year-old students of a Christian elementary school. Republicans in the state have been criticized heavily for their stance on gun safety laws, with more than 7,000 students marching on the state capitol to demand stricter measures.

Republican Governor Bill Lee has taken steps to strengthen Tennessee’s gun legislation, calling for members of both parties to work on further changes. Sexton had previously stated that the Republican-controlled House was willing to work on “bipartisan solutions” in order to protect children. However, his actions regarding the expulsion of the Black lawmakers have brought his leadership into question.

Faithful America, a Christian social justice group, started the petition calling for Sexton’s resignation over the matter, which has received nearly 19,000 signatures as of April 17th. Despite Sexton’s claims of working towards bipartisan solutions, his recent actions have shown a willingness to put party politics over the greater good. It remains to be seen whether he will step down from his position or weather the storm of criticism that he currently faces.

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