Munich based freelance photographer Jannik Obenhoff specializes in outdoor, landscape and adventure photography. Following his passion for travel, he captures the beauty and diversity of our planet, always looking for a new perspective and a unique light. Recently, Jannik was featured as one of the most influential photographers on the web. Through working with companies like Apple, Mercedes Bens & Visit Abu Dhabi, his photography works as the key to engaging communities. In an interview with HOLR, Jannik shared some of the experiences and lessons he has learned so far through his work and travels.


When did you start capturing your travels as more than just a hobby?

I started taking photos when I was 12. As I got older and got more and more followers on my Instagram channel I started to get some work requests. That started when I was about 15 years old. 

Do you have any tips or tricks for capturing a captivating landscape photo? 

  • take photos of things you enjoy
  • always try to find your own perspective on that thing
  • try to shoot during are shortly before/after sunrise/sunset
  • try to play with composition e.g. position a person in the photo to show the scale of the landscape

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Hiking season in Switzerland.??

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What is one of the most memorable places that you’ve been to? 

New Zealand and Altai Mountains, Russia

How do you decide where to go, eat etc. when you get to a new destination?

Mostly via Google Maps and Google Photos. First looking for an interesting looking landscape on maps, then looking for photos from that place and doing more research 

What’s the most off the beaten path spot you’ve been to? 

Probably Altai Mountains, Russia. About 4-5h car drive from the next village somewhere in the mountains.

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Altai Beauty.

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How did you discover it? 

I went there with a photographer friend and we had a local photo guide who showed us that place.

What’s a valuable lesson you’ve learned through your travels? 

Enjoy the moment and don’t always try to get the most perfect photo out of everything.

What places are on your bucket list? 

South America, Canada, Japan and a lot more 🙂

What culture have you experienced that’s left a lasting impression on you? 

I really liked my time in Shanghai and HongKong and their mega-city vibes. It’s quite a heavy contrast to my usual travels but it’s always really refreshing to get creative in a surrounding where you’re not too often in. 

Location-Specific Travel Tips: 

What’s your favourite spot that you travelled to last year? 

New Zealand

If someone had 24- hours there what would you recommend they do? 

24h in New Zealand is almost impossible 🙂 You really need to stay there longer to enjoy it. 

What area would you stay in? 

At the Mount Cook village

Where would you eat breakfast, lunch and dinner? 

Probably cook for myself, not many restaurants there

What’s a must-see off-the-beaten-path spot?

Mueller Hut, a 3h hike. Intense but def. worth it!

What’s the best place to grab a drink?

Your tent when you sleep on top of the mountain next to Mueller Hut

What’s the best place to have a coffee? 

Also, your tent, watching the sunrise over the valley

What activity would you choose to do for fun?

Do the hike to Mueller Hut or chill at lake Pukaki

Where’s the coolest photo to take a photo? 

Lake Pukaki with an insane view at Mount Cook.