Katherine Asplundh is going viral after it was revealed that she is trying to buy someone’s Instagram handle name. 

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Katherine Asplundh Instagram

According to this TikTok video posted by user @yourfinestpardon, billionaire Cabot Asplundh’s wife Katherine Asplundh (formerly Driscoll) is seemingly getting dragged online after screenshots revealed that she is trying to buy an Instagram user’s handle- who has the same name as her.


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Cabot Asplundh Katherine Driscoll

As the TikToker explains, the Instagram drama has taken over social media. Here’s how it goes.

Who is Cabot Asplundh married to

Katherine Driscoll- now Asplundh- married Cabot Asplundh who is the heir to a multi-billionaire dollar tree farm and service management business. Since getting married, Driscoll wanted to change her Instagram handle to include her new last name. She found out someone had the same handle on the social media website and reached out in an effort to purchase this person’s Instagram handle name.

When this social media user with the same name (Katherine Asplundh) saw the message, she did some research and claimed that Instagram could have her account banned if she were to move forward with this purchase. Driscoll then responds by alleging that she has actually done this in the past and this is reportedly not the case, also alleging that celebrities do this all the time.

Katherine Driscoll Asplundh

Driscoll then does some more digging on this Katherine Asplundh account and alleges that this person started Instagram in 2018 and has since changed their username 3 times- hoping she could get her to change it again. She also claims that there is no Katherine Asplundh in her new family- seemingly claiming that she is the only one who can have this name almost insinuating that this social media user is lying about her name. The Instagram user admits that this is their finsta account and that they use it for private purposes.

Driscoll also alleges that she does not think this person’s name is actually Katherine Asplundh- she also admits to reporting her account and getting her new husband to report this person’s account as a result of these alleged suspicions. She seems to think that this person is lying about this being their real name and asks for proof.

The conversation seemingly ends as the Instagram user questions why they have to prove that this is their name. They also claim that they have now reported Driscoll for her behavior.

As noted in this related article, Driscoll (the billionaire’s wife) has since deleted her Instagram account since all was revealed and these screenshots of their conversation circulated online.

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