Country star Carrie Underwood took a dramatic tumble off the stage during the Carolina Country Music Fest.

June 10, 2024 – Carrie Underwood experienced an unexpected fall during her headlining performance at the Carolina Country Music Fest in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, on Sunday, June 9. Despite the rain and slippery conditions, Underwood delivered a memorable performance before the mishap.

Carrie Underwood Accident

After completing her set in the pouring rain, Underwood was exiting the stage when she slipped on the wet stairs and fell off the back of the platform. Fans captured the moment, with some audibly reacting to her fall.

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This incident brought back memories of her more serious fall in 2017, where she tripped outside her Nashville home, resulting in a broken wrist and facial injuries requiring over 40 stitches. During that accident, she tripped while taking her dogs out, emphasizing that if she had fallen anywhere else, she likely would have been fine.

Carrie Underwood Response

Despite the fall, Underwood remained in good spirits. She took to Instagram to share her experience, stating, “We won’t let a little rain stop us! We won’t let a massive downpour stop us, either!” She also posted, “Well, last night sure was fun! And though the ending was quite unexpected, it made for a night we’ll never forget! Thanks for being awesome, #MyrtleBeach!!!”.

Carrie Underwood Carolina Country Music Fest

Despite the rain and slippery conditions, her positive response post-concert made light of her fall, in which she still ensured that her fans still enjoyed an unforgettable performance.

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Image Credit: @carrieunderwood Instagram, @dabbinwiththedabbs TikTok

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