Learn these 5 celebrity beauty hacks used to keeps these women stylish and beautiful. These simple hacks with save your makeup routine.

Bella Hadid – The Korean beauty hack, called Jamsu 

Let’s dive right into our first hack celebrities use to look beautiful, and by diving, I mean dunking your head in the water. Despite how that sounds, this unique hack really works! Bella Hadid first learned this hack while she was in Japan learning more about how to get a flawless foundation. The hack actually originates from Korea and is called Jamsu. The idea is after applying your makeup, you finish by caking your face with an entire layer of translucent powder. After this, you dunk your head into cold water for 10 seconds. Though it sounds crazy, it certainly made a splash at her photoshoots.


Kim Kardashian’s – Wrinkle-Free Under Eyes 

You may be shocked to hear this next hack involves putting butt cream on your face, but before you turn tail, listen to the science behind the madness. Kim’s $6 hemorrhoid cream works to tighten the skin, this works to reduce the appearance of wrinkles as it restricts the blood vessels and reduces redness. Best of all it has an anti-inflammatory ingredient that will remove puffiness from the area. Best to save for special days as using it too much will easily dry out your skin. With such a great skincare hack you could scream, though probably best to keep this trick on the down-low.

source: lofficielusa

Emma Watson – Mascara Fix Hack

Emma Watson has a very practical hack that can quicken the time you do your makeup. By dipping a cotton ball into some foundation, you can remove and conceal any mascara mistakes with ease.

source: IMDb

Gigi Hadid – Pimple Cream Hack

Tired of pimples? Who isn’t, that’s why pimple creams exist – but this hack allows you to save your money by using toothpaste instead. Very simply apply a hint of toothpaste over the pimple and put a wet piece of toilet paper over it. Press the paper over the top of the pimple and remove any excess toilet paper. This will set the toothpaste in overnight as the paper dries out. Come morning quickly was your face and the pimple will have dried out like clockwork. 

source: getty images

Miranda Kerr – Eyelash Curling Hack

This hack will save you time and works as an emergency fix, don’t you know spoons aren’t just for eating. Miranda Kerr shares her secret on how using a spoon as a cover to your eyes will help you apply mascara without worrying about getting mascara on your lid. By gently placing the spoon to the natural curvature of your eye it forms a perfect backdrop to all your eyelashes. This hack is perfect for doing makeup on the fly, and great for touch-ups at restaurants or where your curlers are outreach.


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