Recently, Nicole Kidman has become a representation of modern femininity. Last month, Kidman was featured in Vogue Magazine for the eighth time — a huge feat for the average person, but a small reflection of the actress’s success and tenure in the film industry.

How has Nicole remained so beautiful and relevant for the past few decades in the tumultuous and ever-changing worlds of film and fashion?

1. Vogue, September 2017

Annie Leibovitz for Vogue

Kidman stands like a single blade of tall grass. Wrapped in an emerald green trench, the collar points away from under her chin. Nicole appears down to earth in black leather oxford shoes, tied across naked ankles. The wholesomeness of her appearance is solidified with the peeping cuff of a white shirt under the coat, which balances the direct gaze of her portrait.

2. The Beguiled Premiere, Cannes, 2017


Have you seen a pinched-pink face so beautifully hoisted by such a dress before? Kidman wore Alexander McQueen in Cannes for the premiere of Sofia Coppola’s The Beguiled. Her play on femininity appears in the blush of the lace dress, into her faded fuchsia lipstick. Not too soft though — Kidman cleaves her towering figure in half with an oversized leather belt, locks of silvery blonde hair cascading around her face to complete the actress’s airy look. See the original McQueen dress here.

3. Vogue, December 2006

Mario Testino for Vogue

The volume of this dress is what makes Nicole who she is: fully alive, and in any movie you would re-watch any night of the week. The Rococo background plays like an easel for this dress on a platinum queen. The drop waist is reference to new femininity — this was a common look worn by those who marched for women’s rights. The hair plays as a mane to a lioness. This shot is magical and ties Kidman to what we associate with pure opulence (look at these dresses). Not that she isn’t down-to-earth in such a dress, because no one could avoid self reflection in such a shiny gown.

4. Academy Awards, 2007

Kevork Djansezian

There is not yet a Tumblr page devoted to Nicole Kidman in red gowns, and I’m not sure what the Internet is waiting for. Red is a classic colour that is strong on anyone, especially on a woman with such posture and lengthy limbs. While the red bow on this one could translate to a meme of Nicole being wrapped up like a present, the outfit is played down with unfaltering side swept hair. The look adds a casualness to the dress that could camouflage Nicole on the red carpet, which almost happened again a few days ago.

5. Vogue Australia, January 2017

Will Davidson for Vogue Australia

Here Nicole is pictured in a coffee brown suede top with cutouts at the waist, and a long navy skirt. The hat that doubles the height of her head is ironic as the actress holds much more than Academy Awards as her great achievements. Kidman also acts as a UN Goodwill Ambassador for women’s human rights across the globe.

So do you have Nicole Kidman’s poise and style?

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