As someone who is always on the hunt for the next wellness product that will make my skin glow, I’m no stranger to Chlorophyll.

However, quite honestly, after taking it ten years ago, I completely forgot about it. Enter, Tik Tok; This green elixir has been stalking me at every turn so I decided to give it a try again. Chlorophyll is the pigment in plants that make them green but it’s also filled with antioxidants and vitamins that carry a host of benefits. Here are the 4 touted benefits and what my personal experience is with taking it.

This is not medical advice. Please check with your healthcare provider before trying any supplements.

Reduced Acne

If you’re on Tik Tok you’ve probably seen tons of accounts posting about how liquid chlorophyll transformed their skin. With many users claiming that their acne was reduced and pore size minimized. A 2018 study showed that consuming chlorophyll can inhibit intestinal inflammation and as our skin health does stem from the gut this one makes sense to me. A pilot study also showed that when subjects applied topical chlorophyllin gel for 3 weeks they saw improvement in their acne and a reduction in their pores. After adding liquid chlorophyll for the past two weeks I have noticed an improvement in my skin. Due to the pandemic and wearing a mask constantly I have experienced small breakouts around my chin and they have all but disappeared. My skin also feels a lot smoother all around. While I have also started taking black seed oil and that may have something to do with it, I think I can attest at least some of the benefits to chlorophyll.

Increased Energy Levels

Since adding 15ml of chlorophyll to a glass of water every morning I have seen a vast improvement in my energy levels. I wear an Oura ring throughout the day and when I sleep so outside of feeling better I have also been tracking my results via the ring. My sleep has improved and my recovery rate, which is tracked by my heart rate has also improved since starting. I’m not sure if it’s a placebo effect or if it’s actually working but I can say that for me personally it has made a difference.

Reduced Inflammation

As already mentioned, our health is directly linked to our gut health and studies have shown that chlorophyll can reduce inflammation in the body. One study cites, “chlorophyll a and its degradation products are valuable and abundantly available anti-inflammatory agents.” Since taking chlorophyll, outside of feeling better overall, I have felt a direct impact on my metabolism and my skin. I have a pretty sensitive body from my gut to my skin and I have felt an improvement in both those areas. Reduced inflammation in the body is also linked to eczema and arthritis and while I don’t suffer from those afflictions I imagine that it could help if it leads to an overall reduction of inflammation in the body. Of course, it’s advisable to talk to your healthcare provider to find out what works best for you and always do your own research.

Better Body Odour

Users on Tik Tok have claimed that taking liquid chlorophyll has improved their body odour. While I’m generally not a sweaty person to begin with, I do find that when I drink it in the morning my mouth feels so clean and fresh right after. The liquid chlorophyll I take is mint flavored so it may have something to do with that too but so far I am loving my results.

Check out the Liquid chlorophyll I’ve been taking here.