When you need a lawyer, you’re usually in a tough spot.  Maybe it’s because your spouse left and took all of the money, or maybe it’s because someone has been accused of felony theft. Whatever the case may be, hiring an experienced attorney is one of the best ways to get out of trouble with the law. But how do you choose which one? The internet offers plenty of information on attorneys, but not all of it is valid. Here’s some advice before you jump onto the internet for a search.


Experience handling cases like yours


A good personal lawyer should have experience handling cases like yours. A personal injury lawyer in Fayetteville, NC advises that the more common the scenarios the lawyer have handled, the better they will assess your specific case. For example, a family law attorney might be able to easily deal with a simple divorce, but if your case involves child support or alimony you need someone who has experience with those issues as well.


Some law companies have a good track record in specific areas of law, but you need to determine if they specialize in the area where you need help. You’ll also want to make sure that your lawyer has a good track record of winning cases like yours. Small claims and other infractions rarely carry many juries, but felonies and high-stakes civil cases do require a jury, which means your lawyer needs to know how to win those.


Track record for success


Aside from experience, you want to make sure that your attorney has a track record of success. Pick up the phone and ask if they have any former clients with cases like yours. If so, contact them directly to find out how their case turned out. If you can’t get in touch with past or current clients, then read reviews online to learn more about this area of law firm performance.


If you’re hiring a law company, be particularly wary of those who promise specific results without knowing your case details. Most metropolitan areas have several good personal injury attorneys, but not everyone is perfect for every case.


Take advantage of your consultations


Once you’ve narrowed down your list of potential personal injury attorneys, schedule a consultation with them. This is the only way to learn whether you are getting the right fit for your case. A good lawyer will be eager to ask all kinds of questions about what has happened so far, and they should have plenty to discuss with you during this time. If you don’t feel comfortable talking about things or they seem hesitant to answer your questions fully, then it’s probably not the right choice after all.


 A willingness to work within your budget


Just like you, personal injury lawyers are running small businesses. While they generally can’t concern themselves with what you can afford to pay for legal counsel, they should be more than willing to work with your financial situation as best they can. After all, juries don’t hear about how much money the injured party made last year; only how the injuries have impacted their lives and finances since then. An experienced lawyer will know that it’s just as important to focus on these aspects of your case as it is the technicalities involved in proving fault. 

If legal fees are a major concern for you, make sure to be as transparent as possible with your lawyer about this issue from the start. This will give them time to work within your budget instead of filing a lawsuit only to abandon it later because they lacked resources. Of course, if something like this should happen, then contact an attorney immediately so that they can file a claim on your behalf against the first lawyer. After all, it’s their responsibility to look after your interests and make sure you get a chance to pursue a lawsuit or negotiate a settlement.


When choosing an attorney for any reason, it’s important that you speak with someone who has experience with cases like yours. This is especially true if it’s a felony or high-stakes matter where juries are involved. If you’ve been accused of assault charges, child custody disputes, criminal theft charges, etc., then a qualified lawyer will be able to help you properly assess the case so that you can get the best possible outcome. The more highly-specialized your case, the better your chances of recovery will be. If you’re looking for legal advice, make sure they know what they are doing by checking their experience and track record before moving forward with any representation.


Published by HOLR Magazine