Chris Rock has partnered with Netflix to air a live show, which premieres on March 4th. Titled “Selective Outrage”, the new stand-up comedy is unlike anything Netflix has done before since it is the first time the streaming platform does a live show.

Will Chris Rock Address the Famous Slap?

Chris Rock’s new show “Selective Outrage” premieres just a week before the 95th Academy Awards, which will take place on March 12th. The timing is not a coincidence, considering that last year Chris Rock garnered media attention after being slapped by Will Smith. Chris Rock has not publicly spoken about the Oscar drama but, by allowing Netflix to work with him to air his stand-up comedy, he is likely to address the matter at hand now. A source has told Page Six that “the comedian is waiting to spill his humorous take on it on his live Netflix stand-up special.” If what the source said is proven to be true, that would be a long-awaited moment since over the last 12 months Chris Rock has turned away media invitations for in-depth interviews about the incident.

Chris Rock on stage

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Who else will be in “Selective Outrage”?

There will also be a pre-show and after-show featuring other comedians and celebrities, such as Amy Schumer, Sir Paul McCartney, and Sarah Silverman. The show will be aired from Hippodrome Theatre in Baltimore, Maryland at 10 p.m. ET but the pre-show will start thirty minutes before.

Rock’s upcoming performance on Saturday night would be the second time he had a comedy special with Netflix. Previously, he starred in a 2018 show, “Tamborine”, directed by Bo Burnham. Rock has been a comedian since 1984. HBO Max has one of his oldest shows, the 1999 special Chris Rock: Bigger and Blacker, in its library of things to watch.

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