“When it comes to looks, few cities can hold a candle to this supermodel draped over seven shapely hills on the banks of the Rio Tejo” – The Lonely Planet, 2017

Steeped in heritage with modern twists and a bustling atmosphere, Portugal’s Lisbon is often overlooked among the capitals of Europe. The city offers the European staples, quaint cobblestone streets, impressive architecture, and great eats, all while maintaining its uniqueness visualized by the rolling hills of colourful pastel buildings. From the museums and historic sites to the beaches, this travel gem is one you will want to add to your future travels.

To take full advantage of the warm spring weather while avoiding the crowds of the peak summer months, many recommend planning your trip to Lisbon between May and June, the latter being the height of the festival season. If you don’t mind slightly cooler temperatures and maybe a few showers here and there, the city can still be enjoyed in full as early as March and April.

Great wine and delicious seafood dishes should be expected in Lisbon but the most important food to try is the city’s world-famous pastry, Pastéis de nata. Best eaten at any time of day and paired with the strong coffee found in the countless cafes, this pastry is so good you might end up writing an entire article on Lisbon just for an excuse to talk about it.

The Pastéis de nata is more than just a new travel food trend as it has been around since before the 1800s and originated in the Mosterio dos Jéronimos, a gothic monastery in the Belém district that today is open to visitors. This central district that also offers the famous Torre de Belém, historic palaces, and several museums, isn’t the only area that should be on your itinerary. For the commercial hub visit the Baixa area and the Alfama district is traditional and stunning albeit hilly, but that’s nothing a tram ride can’t solve.

The opportunity doesn’t stop with the city center, as available day trips outside of the city are numerous and a great way to explore even further or take some time to relax on the beach. Sintra is a town just a half-hour drive from downtown Lisbon that hosts the brightly colored Palácio Nacional da Pena and the ruins of a Moorish castle that has a stunning view.

If you are hesitant to book any travel due to possible expenses related to COVID-19, Portugal has you covered. The country has launched an initiative that offers insurance that will cover any medical, cancellation, extension, or return-trip expenses that are coronavirus related.

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