Some call it the City of Lights, but it’s so much more than that. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – Paris is always a good idea.

If you’re planning on spending some time in a place so picturesque that it seems to come right out of a romantic movie, look no further than Paris. Cute cafes and stunning architecture line the streets, but it’s the must-sees and hidden gems of this city that make it the ultimate bucket list destination. Here are some recommendations for the city: 


The Eiffel Tower


Eiffel Tower, Via TripSavvy

The Eiffel Tower is the crown jewel of Paris. It is a definite go-to during the day (make sure you take a tour all the way up to the top!) but even more so at night. From sunset to 1 am, the tower will twinkle hourly with a thousand lights, casting a glow over the rest of the cityscape. It’s a “wow” moment you won’t want to miss.



Arc de Triomphe 

Arc De Triomphe, Google Images

Located in the bustling western end of the Champs-Élysées, describing this piece of history just doesn’t do it justice – you’ll have to go and see it for yourself. Make sure you get a selfie with it in the background for the ultimate postcard portrait.


The Louvre

Via NY Post


A day filled with wandering long corridors and rooms filled with spectacular art? Count me in. Make sure to catch a glimpse (or an iPhone pic) of the famous Mona Lisa. FYI the painting is a tad smaller than expected!

From what I found during my stay, an Airbnb in the heart of the Latin Quarter hits the sweet spot for proximity to landmarks and all things food-related.  For Foodies, Parisian cafes will be your weakness. From delectable hot chocolates to savoury steak and frites, they have it all. Try brushing up on your French before you go so the conversation with your waiter will go a little more smoothly.


The Sounds

Travelling in the fall? The clicking of camera lens will fill the streets more than ever, with Paris Fashion Week. If you need a little music break try one of the many concerts located in Sainte Chappelle. The French-gothic architecture combined with the sound of classical music is a match made in Parisian heaven.

Sainte Chapelle Concert, Paris


During the fall season, one of the biggest horse races in France takes place at the Qatar Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe. This stellar event is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and the sound of racing horses on the Longchamp Racecourse will be one you will never forget.   


Rome wasn’t built in a day but Paris wasn’t built to be seen in one either. Although this list speaks to just a few wonders of Paris, you’ll find so many more when you travel there to experience it for yourself. A fair bit of warning though – once you’ve gotten caught up in the beauty of it all, you’ll catch yourself not wanting to book a return ticket home. 



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