Summer Is Here And That Means Its Time For A Lot Of Fun!

Summer has to be one of the most favorite seasons for many people. Whether you are a fan of music festivals or other fun activities, there is always something going on for everyone’s entertainment. As for the musical-loving folks out there who waited for a long time for the pandemic restrictions to be lifted, it’s time to celebrate.

The Hamilton musical is back in NYC for you to enjoy! The New York Broadway is reopening its doors and you can buy tickets here for your favorite Hamilton Play. Created by Lin-Manual Miranda, the musical Hamilton has been a super hit on broadway. It has seen audience packed crowd since its premier in 2015. Just to let you know, it is not only locally acclaimed but people from all over the world have been flocking over to see this musical. It is one musical play that is almost immediately sold out almost anywhere and everywhere!


The rise of its fame definitely started with good word of mouth put forward by the theater-loving public. It further rose as it received many accolades from critics and went ahead to win the Tony Awards in 2016. The sui generis art of retelling the story of the famous founding father of America has people desiring to witness it all the more. 

Why Hamilton Is The Next Musical You Should See In NYC

Whether you live in NYC or are planning to visit, the one thing that most people will recommend you to see is the Hamilton Musical. The multiculturalism promoted in Hamilton will make you understand the base of how a diverse background of people lives together in this country. Alexander Hamilton who plays the protagonist and Aaron Burr who plays the antagonist, create a perfect scenario of infusing different ethnic groups.

The musical retells the story of Alexander Hamilton, his journey of rising and falling as he struggles through life. Being an orphan at a young age, Alexander struggles through the early stages of his life and is stricken with poverty. His ambitious crossing from someone who makes very little money to becoming an honorable politician and aide to the great George Washington will keep you at the edge of the seat throughout. 

The duel with the enemies he makes especially Aaron Burr, the notorious sex scandal he falls prey to, and his persistence with all those who wronged him will put you in awe. It speaks volumes about the story of every immigrant as well as any ethnic group. 

Watch this musical to celebrate the mixing of various cultures that Hamilton brings to the show. You are sure to be swept away with not only the compelling storyline but also understand how different races can come into conflict and finally find a middle ground to come together.

For everything that Hamilton brings to the show and the words of honor it has received from various sources, it definitely is worth it to go and see it to experience the magic yourself.