Loungewear is comfortable, but sometimes it can feel unacceptable to wear in public — usually depending on where you’re headed to. Most people are wary of wearing loungewear clothing outside of their house, unless they’re heading to and from the gym. Truth is, you can actually feel comfortable and look presentable simultaneously, thanks to a lot of athleisure brands. 

cover photo via Vogue UK

A lot of us live busy lives, and we want to feel comfortable while getting things done. Lucky for us, street style is on the rise, making comfortable clothing a new trend. Whether you’re running errands, shopping, or just grabbing a coffee, you can feel free to rock your most comfortable pair of sweats in style.

It’s important to not feel restricted, otherwise you might not feel comfortable enough to be productive—we totally get it. With the fall season around the corner, leggings and sweaters sound super enticing. Follow these style tips listed below to successfully polish up your comfy outfits. 


Invest in a nice jacket. Outerwear is always super important when autumn rolls around. A good jacket has the ability to transform any outfit. I recommend purchasing a leather (or faux leather) jacket, it’s an absolute fashion staple. If you throw on a leather jacket over a baggy t-shirt, your look will instantly become elevated and rebellious. 

Wear prints and textures. If you feel like wearing leggings, try pairing them with an animal printed t-shirt or knit sweater. The item with a print/texture can be comfortable and will automatically look more put together. It will distract the eye, making it look like you actually put some effort into your look. 


If you can, have fun with designer brands. Labels definitely don’t define an outfit, but sometimes throwing on a pair of Calvin Klein sweatpants with a matching sweatshirt can look super stylish. If your sweat-set matches, you will instantly look more put together. Good quality loungewear is a must-have in your comfy collection—plus, it will wear well and last you a long time.



Have a good set of basics. You can never go wrong with basic white, black, grey, and neutral coloured t-shirts. The same goes for hoodies and bottoms. These are pieces you will constantly reach for; they’re easy and give you the option to dress them up or down. It’s all about looking effortless and cool while feeling your most comfortable.


Don’t forget to accessorize. You can step up your trendiness with accessories such as handbags, shoes, and jewelry. For example, styling a belt bag with a pair of sweatpants, a plain t-shirt, and a leather jacket would be classified as A+ street style. You could also pair leggings with leather booties and a cropped basic hoodie. Or perhaps try to incorporate some chunky gold hoops with a very understated, all black, relaxed ensemble. Accessories are key when making loungewear presentable. 


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