Thrift shopping is at its peak right now. It has gained a lot of popularity in recent years and more people are giving pre-loved clothes a second chance. It can be intimidating at first, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll never want to go back.

Thrift shopping is the ideal place to find great quality pieces for unbelievably low prices. And, by buying second-hand, you are preventing garments from being thrown in landfills. If you are looking to buy great unique pieces for a low price and remain sustainable and ethical, thrift shopping is the way to go.

These tips will help you make the most out of your next thrift shopping trip and find the best items ever.

First thing’s first, you must have a plan. Just like a trip to the grocery store without a list can be disastrous, a thrift shopping trip can also go wrong if you don’t prepare. Making a list of items you are looking for, how many of them and how much you want to spend will help to stay focus and prevent being overwhelmed by the experience. Look for outfit inspirations, save pictures, make mood boards, whatever you need to be prepared. Organization is key for a successful trip.

Thrift shopping

Sell or donate before you buy. Clearing your closet of items you no longer wear is a great way of saving money and creating storage space for your upcoming purchases. It is also a helpful way of having an overview of your closet to help you decide what pieces you want to prioritize in your purchase.

Another tip is to dress smart. Sometimes, thrift stores have limited to no fitting rooms – and sometimes you just have to try things on to decide if you like it or not (or if it fits well). Try wearing something you can easily slip secondhand clothing over to try on. A great outfit is leggings or biker shorts with a tank top. You also must keep in mind your feet – a shopping trip can take a while and you are going to be standing for a long time, so try wearing comfortable and supportive shoes.

Next, it is important that you learn how to discern quality. Consignment stores can offer designer brands, vintage items, or other high-end pieces at a low price. Natural materials will often be of higher quality than synthetic ones. Shoes made of 100% leather will usually have the words “Vero Cuoio” marked on the bottom – it means “true leather” in Italian. Get familiar with high-quality tells to discern which items will be worth the spend.

thrift shopping

And finally, you have to scan the aisles. It is easy to get caught up searching for great pieces and it is easy to become overwhelmed. Sometimes, there is so much to look through that will end up with too many items that you won’t be able to take home. Train your eyes to scan along hangers or shelves to spot specific colour palettes or other items of interest quickly and efficiently.

It is time to hop on the trend and begin your thrift shopping journey.

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