Festival season is always the right opportunity to make a lasting impression with outfit choices. The time is almost here – cue the sun, live music, and good feels.

Similar to fashion week, music festivals are a perfect scenario to wear daring outfits and to channel your free spirit with every piece you put together. Because of the underlying pressure that comes along with dressing for festival season whether you’re fashion-obsessed or not, is natural when everyone is searching the most unique, stand-out pieces. Local retail stores are sometimes not enough, so before its too late, we did our due diligence on Revolve, our favourite e-tailer, to help guide your purchases for the fun-filled time.


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Revolve clothing transcribes a feeling of freedom that aligns with the ultimate purpose of a music festival. It serves as a time to connect with close friends, to create new ones, and to escape the nuances of an everyday routine. With over 500 niche brands, Revolve’s inventory for a potential stand-out look is vast. Most importantly, we get to see revolve styled on our favourite fashionista’s at any time by searching in the hashtag #RevolveMe on Instagram.

We’ve broken down our top picks by brand:


Lovers + Friends


Kylo Mini Dressshop here

A comfortable and breezy mini with beautiful detailing, is easily paired with comfortable sneakers or sandals.

Stellar Two Piece shop here

A classic crochet outfit will have you fit in seamlessly with festival aesthetic, and a good choice of detailing for a hot day outdoors.


Flower Power Two-Pieceshop here. 

Another option for a crochet set – just a bit more fun.


Simon Rompershop here

Something to have in your festival attire is an outfit you feel completely comfortable in, but still eye-catching. There will be moments when you don’t feel like going all out – always be prepared with a piece that is more approachable.

Shayk Onepieceshop here

Pieces that can be used in multiple scenarios will save you time, money, and is an outfit you likely won’t see on anyone else. A unique swimsuit can play the perfect role of a festival top when paired with high-waisted bottoms.


House of Harlow

Rouge Basket Bag – shop here.

The perfect basket bag to accessorize any outfit that may need some colour and playfulness.


Isa Maxi Blouseshop here.

A flowing blouse will look good in any photo scenario and feel like nothing on your skin.


Goldie Two Pieceshop here.

The gold embellishments play into a bohemian aesthetic, a genre of dressing that always goes seamlessly with festival season.


Joelle Jumpsuitshop here.

Solving an outfit with one fluid piece is the magic of a jumpsuit. Less time focusing on the combination of pieces, and more time accessorizing.

Valerie Turtleneck shop here.

It cools down once the sun goes away, but the festivities don’t go away with it. A glamorous turtleneck will keep you warm and still in the spirit.


With all of the festivals to choose from. Which one will we catch you at this year? 


March 29 – 31, 2019


August 2 – 4, 2019


April 12- 21, 2019


July 19 – July 28, 2019


August 4 – 5 2019.


Stay tuned for a second gallery of looks from @REVOLVE!

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