An exciting announcement for the Canadian fashion industry was made on May 18th, when the Commonwealth Fashion Council issued a press release stating Roger Gingerich would be joining their board of directors. With this new position, Gingerich will be the only Canadian on the CFC board of directors. Credited with helping bring Canadian Fashion to the international stage,Gingerich is the perfect fit for this position.

Gingerich is recognized across the fashion industry for the countless contributions he has made through his company, The Gingerich Group, and from being the CEO of the Canadian International Fashion Film Festival.
Showing 35 years of commitment, Gingerich has made it his mission to bring awareness to all the Canadian fashion scene offers and hopes to continue this mission in his work with the CFC. While the fashion industry has been hit significantly hard due to the Coronavirus pandemic, it is uplifting news like this that gives the Canadian fashion industry hope of a brighter future.

CEO of the CFC, Daniel J Hatton, expressed his excitement to work with Gingerich: “Roger will be a crucial anchor for the CFC in Canada and will champion the Canadian fashion industries interests at every corner.” Hatton’s statement further solidifies the fact that there is indeed an exciting future for the Canadian fashion industry, as Gingerich takes on this new role.

Established with the mission of representing the commonwealth’s interests and the fashion industry, the CFC’s influence spans over 54 countries, furthering the development of the fashion industry on a global scale. Built on Commonwealth values, the CFC seeks to promote social change through various operations in the fashion industry related to; trade, ethical sourcing, and sustainability. The CFC develops and implements initiatives that support its core values. One of their programs, Blue Fashion, advocates for reduced uses of cow leather and promotes alternatives, like fish skin, which can be turned into a leather-like material.

Gingerich’s induction onto the board of directors continues to prove the reach of Canadian fashion and the potential our creatives have. It is critical in these times that we stick together and continue to support the arts, as they are the communities that foster creativity and innovation. While the coronavirus has shown to affect the fashion industry significantly, it is initiatives taken on by the CFC and individuals like Roger Gingerich that provide hope for a brighter future for all.