New updates on the Louisville shooting have emerged. HOLR is breaking down the latest, including Connor Sturgeon’s manifesto that was recently uncovered. 

According to this article, Sturgeon left a 13-page manifesto that included three key reasons for partaking in the Louisville shooting that left five co-workers dead.

Connor Sturgeon Live Stream

Sturgeon reportedly entered the Old National Bank armed with an AR-15 assault rifle and filmed his massacre on Instagram live through a live stream. Sturgeon killed; Tommy Elliott, Jim Tutt, Joshua Barrick, Juliana Farmer, and Deana Eckert during his rampage.

During a shootout with police, two police officers were also injured.

No clear, distinct motive for Sturgeon’s actions has been revealed just yet but it has been reported that Sturgeon was supposedly going to be fired from his job at the Old National Bank before the shooting took place.

Connor Sturgeon Obituary

Sturgeon’s obituary (found here) has been going viral online following the massacre. The obituary does not touch on the shooting, as it only lists Sturgeon’s family members and friends he is survived by as well as some early events.

One important thing to note is this final sentence:

The Sturgeon family asks that any donations or expressions of sympathy be made to the fundraiser for Louisville Metro Police Officer Nick Wilt.  

Wilt was one of the police officers who was injured responding to the massacre. Wilt was shot in the head when Sturgeon opened fire and has been in critical condition since, as mentioned here.

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