New Year’s resolutions have long been a part of human tradition around the world. Every year most of us make self-declarations about what we’ve decided to give up or start doing and most of the time they fizzle away by the end of Jan and we forget all about them. 2020, however, was unplanned, chaotic, and uncontrollable and no one could be blamed for not seeing their “resolutions” through. 

Despite all the tragedy of the year those of us lucky enough to see 2021 should not take it lightly, though yes we all are just trying to survive this thing it is still important for us all to remember that we are what we do. The most important part of setting goals for ourselves is actually trying. Trying is the key between success and failure no matter how big or small your goal might be. So, to everyone wondering whether or not to create resolutions this 2021, I would say yes go for it. Resolutions however should be a little different though, instead of the typical, stop this do more of that, the goals we set should be centred around how fortunate we are to still be alive and what we will be doing to celebrate that and show our friends and family how much we appreciate them, showing ourselves a little extra kindness this year. 

The future might not be very clear at the moment but not giving your life a solid focus creates even more chaos and uncertainty. Set those expectations for yourself and do what you know you are capable of doing. 2021 has brought new hope and opportunity and as human beings, that’s all we strive for a better tomorrow and how can a better tomorrow be achieved? Only by setting expectations and determination will you feel in control of your life. So for those of us still sitting a week into the new year with no goals or resolutions let make that our goal and absolutely smash it starting today.