Soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo could face a lawsuit after a video of him went viral seemingly showing him making an obscene taunt in a Saudi league match.

Cristiano Ronaldo Messi Video

According to this TikTok video posted by user @carolineszwed, famous soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo is allegedly being investigated after a video of him went viral online following alleged actions made during a recent match.

Cristiano Ronaldo Messi

In the above clip, the TikToker claims that Ronaldo may be facing a lawsuit following recent alleged actions. This is because Al Nassr beat Al Shabab 3-2 recently, and following a goal, fans seemingly began chanting “Messi, Messi” at Ronaldo. Lionel Messi, another soccer star, and Ronaldo have been pitted against one another for years.

Ronaldo then seemingly made an “intentional gesture” as the TikToker claims- in which some have also called it an obscene taunt- allegedly at the fans.  This has resulted in Al Shabab reportedly filing a lawsuit for this celebration, against Ronaldo.

The question is, did Ronaldo actually intentionally mean to take this celebration too far? It is unclear as Ronaldo has not addressed these alleged claims.

What are your thoughts on this viral video and Ronaldo’s alleged actions?

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Image credits: @carolineszwed TikTok, @cristiano Instagram (cover photo)