What happened to the man who erupted over a crying baby on a recent Southwest Airlines flight? HOLR breaks down the latest.

According to this article, a man recently threw a fit over a crying baby on a recent Southwest Airlines flight to Orlando, Florida. In the video captured by another passenger, the man can be seen throwing what can only be described as a tantrum onboard the flight.

The video, shared by @mjgrabowski, has garnered over 168,000 views since being posted.


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The video demonstrates the man shouting and swearing at flight attendants aboard the aircraft. The unnamed man can be heard saying things like:

“I paid for a ticket to have a f–king comfortable flight,” and “That child has been crying for 40 minutes!” as noted here.

The man also gets increeasingly annoyed with staff as they try to calm him down, stating, “I’m not screaming, you want me to scream? I’ll f***king scream.”

As shown here, the final clip of the video shows the passenger meeting with police following the flight having to be completely deplaned after the passenger refused to get off of the flight.

It is unclear what happened to the passenger after being escorted away by staff and police.

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