Member Of Imagine Dragons, Dan Reynolds and His Wife Announce Divorce

Dan Reynolds and his wife, Aja Volkman announce their divorce via Instagram.

Official Statement


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“Navigating being in a public space while going through all of the things we have been through this year has been hard for both Dan and I. There is nothing to be said about the fairness of that because we both chose to be on a stage as our career path, so it certainly comes with the territory. However, I’ve never spoken about the details of our marriage or separation or divorce. I don’t intend to.” Volkman writes.

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“We have four amazing children and a lot of passionate music all created and inspired by a divine connection. Neither of us are perfect people and we both have made many mistakes, but we have also both done what our evolution permits as our best. I would appreciate if we didn’t need to create a witch-hunt out of the unknown.”

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She settles down the public by asking them not to jump to conclusions as to why the two are calling for a divorce.

“I think my not saying anything at all bout it has led people to draw conclusions that just aren’t real. Of course, nobody ever imagines failing at anything when they begin. We fight like hell and do our best to have a positive outcome. Life is just really wild.”

She ends off her statement, by speaking on the beauties of life and how change isn’t all that bad.

“It’s beautiful, it’s ugly, it’s devastating, it’s miraculous…every hard thing we do in this life creates a more complete version of who we really are. Yesterday marked a pretty big transition in our lives.”

So far, Reynolds reps have not given a statement regarding Volkman’s post.

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