Dick van Dyke, famous for his roles in Mary Poppins and Night at the Museum, had a car crash earlier this morning. HOLR investigates how the crash happened.

Dick van Dyke Malibu Car Crash

As reported by CBS News, van Dyke was in a car collision in California on Wednesday, March 15th. Police officers have confirmed that the 97-year-old actor suffered minor injuries and that the local fire department has been notified.

Van Dyke’s car, a silver Lexus, collided with a gate. The actor supposedly lost control of the wheel because of wet weather conditions. Paramedics on site treated him for a bloody mouth and a possible concussion, NY Post noted.

Is van Dyke in the hospital?

No drugs or alcohol were involved in the accident and the Hollywood actor was taken home by a friend. Police officers have allegedly asked van Dyke to retake his driving license at the Department of Motor Vehicle.

Image credit: Instagram/@official_dick_van_dyke

Dick van Dyke Filmography

The legendary actor has years of acting experience under his belt and is also known to star in comedy shows. Van Dyke began his career when he appeared on his first TV gig, “The Mery Mutes”, and a decade later he went on to win three Emmy Awards.

The star had also performed several musical roles, including in a Broadway production and film adaptation of “Bye Bye Birdie.”

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