Did Maria Tell Lea To STFU Bachelor

On Last nights episode of the Bachelor, Maria Georgas and Sydney Gordon were sent on the dreaded two-on-one date. The producers set this type of date up almost every season when two people are experiencing drama and not seeing eye to eye so the lead can ultimately decide who to keep and who to send home. Spoiler Alert: the date did not end well for Sydney who was sent home after Joey Graziadei was left more confused after the date about who was telling the truth and who was lying.

In an attempt to seemingly stay on the show, amongst her many other claims, Sydney also claimed that Maria told Lea to Shut The F*** Up. When Joey brought this up to Maria she was taken aback and decided to confront Sydney about this. Maria asked Sydney why she would lie and say that? Sydney claimed she did say it to which Maria asked if she realized that there are cameras on them 24/7, which would clear Maria of any wrongdoing.

@unitedkingdomofkate AM I THE CRAZY ONE???? OR DID SHE MAKE THAT UP???? #thebachelor #sydneythebachelor #teammaria ♬ maybe i was just crazy – ♱

Did Maria Tell Lea to Shut Up

People on Tik Tok have now started to rewatch last week’s episode to see if Maria did tell Lea to STFU but no one has been able to find any proof of this so far. So as of right now based on the lack of video evidence and also Maria’s reaction, it is quite telling that Sydney may have fabricated the entire thing. To make matters worse, once Maria returned to the house most of the girls were happy to see her with the exception of Lea (who received the first impression rose night one.) Lea was upset that none of the girls seemed to care that Maria returned instead of Sydney and she particularly took issue with Medina being nice to Maria.

The internet has deduced that the whole thing appeared as immature mean girl behaviour. Not only did Lea first say that everyone seemed to be happy and nice to Maria, she then pulled Joey aside to claim that Maria also treated some of the other girls poorly, which doesn’t appear to be the case based on the other girls being happy she stayed.

The drama will continue to unfold tonight with a two-night special airing of The Bachelor.

Does Maria Go Home on The Bachelor

Spoiler alert: Despite the preview for tonights episode where Maria said she wants to leave, it does not appear that she goes home. We won’t spoil the whole season, but there is a photo of all the remaining girls on their next trip in Spain and Maria can be seen in the photo. Tune in tonight to see how the rest of the drama unfolds.

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