Dianna Agron attends the New York City Ballet’s 2023 Fall Gala.

A ridiculous incident at the Lincoln Center on Thursday with Dianna Agron and some rude photographers left people shocked.

Despite the fact that Agron looked stunning in her gown, photographers screamed at her to move.

And the reason? Sarah Jessica Parker.

Click the TikTok video below to see the blatant rudeness from photographers.

@mickmicknyc Dianna Agron looked stunning at the NYC Ballet Gala, unfortunately SJP was right behind her ?? #nycballet #lincolncenter #newyorkfashion #75years #sarahjessicaparker #sarahjessicaparker #diannaagron ♬ original sound – New York Mickey

What’s more, one photographer got snarky with Agron and could be heard saying,

“You’re not in the way. You’re not in the way at all.”

However, Dianna Agron didn’t seem to let their rudeness bother her at all.

How do you deal with a rude photographer?

First, let me point out that even when someone is being rude to us, we should still try to be courteous.

Politely ignore them, let them have the last word and walk away.

And Agron (with style, grace and a smile) did exactly that!

Meanwhile, the photographers praised Sarah Jessica Parker for being “beautiful” and “gorgeous.”


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But take a look at how stunning Dianna Agron looked. The photographers failed to show this beauty a modicum of respect.

In fact, they treated her as though undeserving of using her name correctly and dismissed her as “unimportant.”

Besides not getting her name right, one of them can be heard saying “I don’t know who that is.”

Social Media speaks out for Dianna Agron.

While Agron carried herself with grace and hopefully didn’t allow the rude photographers to ruin her evening,

People made sure to let Agron know she was beautiful and what they thought of the photographer’s attitude.

One post said, “My god that was gross.”

While another post said, “The yelling, was that really necessary?” and others called the incident “disgusting.”

You looked beautiful Dianna, and we hope you still had a blast.

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