Did Mauricio and Dorit hook up? Rumors are swirling.

Mauricio And Dorit

According to this TikTok video posted by user @upandadamlive, rumors are allegedly swirling surrounding Kyle Richards reportedly finding out about her estranged husband, Mauricio Umansky, and Dorit Kemsley- who she stars with in Real Housewives of Beverly Hills- supposedly hooking up.

Dorit And Mauricio

As the TikToker claims- and this is all alleged- this rumor has been making its rounds for a long time. Apparently, some recent blind item claims and rumors have alluded to the claim that the cast has been turning against Dorit because they found out that there has been some foul play on Dorit and Mauricio’s behalf.

The TikToker alleges that if this is true, Kyle could end up not filming with Dorit and they won’t be in scenes together. The TikToker also alleges that Kyle could get Dorit fired? This is all alleged and it is unclear if these rumors have any truth to them as there is no concrete evidence to support claims.

Mauricio and Dorit Reddit

In this Reddit thread, people are discussing where and how the rumor allegedly started.

As demonstrated recently, both Dorit and Kyle have seemingly been having marriage issues. Kyle also talked about a “loss of trust” which some Reddit users suspect could be about Dorit. It is alleged that PK and Mauricio weren’t as close this season, either, as shown in the thread.

In the comment section, some people don’t think anything happened between Mauricio and Dorit while others think that if the alleged rumors were true that Dorit and Mauricio would make a cute couple.

Again- this is all alleged and there is no concrete evidence to support claims.

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