Did Rob leave Love Island after Andrea was sent packing?

HOLR breaks down the claims.

Love Island USA

June 24, 2024– According to this TikTok video posted by user @_adotte, Rob wanted to leave with Andrea following her dumping from this season’s recent episode of Love Island USA.

Rob Love Island Season 6

In the latest episode, we saw Nicole Jacky & Kendall Washington, Andrea Carmona & Rob Rausch, and JaNa Craig & Hakeem White as the couples with the fewest votes. During Season 6’s newest episode, we saw Hakeem and Andrea get dumped- which sent the villa into a frenzy and had Rob threatening to self-eliminate as a result. The pair were dumped by the safe islanders in which the girls chose the girl they wanted to dump while the boys chose the boy they wanted to dump (as also noted here).

Andrea Love Island USA

After Andrea’s name was announced, the boys flipped out- in which Rob was visibly upset because the pair had a strong connection in the villa and he didn’t understand the girls’ decision. Another Islander, Aaron Evans, kept telling Rob to stay even though Rob got up to be with Andrea and claimed that he would be leaving with her.

Most of the Islanders were visibly crying as a result of the dumping.

It is unclear if Rob is truly leaving Love Island as we will find out soon- in the upcoming episode- if that will be his final decision.

The tears shed in the villa shocked fans so we will have to stay tuned and see what happens with Rob.

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Image Credits: @_adotte TikTok

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