Drake’s new video just dropped and the internet can’t stop talking about it.

Drake New Video

According to this TikTok video posted by user @revolt, Drake’s new music video featuring SZA and Sexyy Red just dropped called “Rich Baby Daddy.”

Drake Music Video Rich Baby Daddy

In one of the clips, Sexyy Red can be seen claiming that her water broke. Drake claims he is trying to capture the moment but is this for real- did her water really just break and it was caught on camera? Sexyy Red can then be seen being wheeled into a hospital, all of which is outlined in the below clip posted to TikTok by this user @rollingloud.

Sexxy Red can then be seen holding a baby but it appears as though the baby is fake so it appears as though Sexyy Red was reportedly not really in labour during the filming of the music video. This TikToker, @zeinabouculibaby, also claimed that she really thought Sexyy Red gave birth during the music video but it appears as though she is just holding a doll.

What are your thoughts on Drake’s latest music video drop?

Here is the official music video.

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IMAGE CREDITS: @revolt, @rollingloud, @zeinabouculibaby TikTok