The internet can’t stop talking about Drake vs Kendrick after Drake released a new diss track. Here’s what we know.

Drake vs Kendrick

According to this TikTok video posted by user @slimduzzit, Drake released a new track in response to accusations made by Kendrick Lamar.


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Kendrick Lamar Drake

The pair are in the middle of an intense rap battle which reignited this past year in March with the release of “Like That” as noted here. The two seemingly went back and forth following this release, taking jabs at each other in the lyrics of their respective songs. This led to Drake’s “Push Ups” and then Lamar’s “Euphoria” on April 30, in which he seemingly references Drake’s son, his plastic surgery rumors, and his rapping.

Drake Secret Daughter

Following “Euphoria” Lamar also released “6:16 in. LA” to which Drake responded with “Family Matters” which was an 8-minute rap. Lamar then debuted “Meet the Grahams” which alleged that Drake has a secret daughter, and quickly after “Not Like Us.”

Drake The Heart Part 6

Drake recently released “The Heart Part 6” which has since gone viral online. People online such as @slimduzzit have taken to social media to share their thoughts on the latest diss track which dropped on May 5. As this article claims, Drake claims that rumors of a daughter supposedly began by his team and alleges that Lamar didn’t “fact check things.”

People have voiced their opinions on the latest “diss” track in the comment section of the above TikTok video, alleging that this is more of a “defense” track than a “diss” track.

However, others believe that Drake is currently “winning” this rap battle.

What are your thoughts on this latest response track by Drake?

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