Kimora Lee Simmons- best friend of the late Kim Porter- is chiming in on Diddy.

According to this TikTok video posted by user @thekempire, new stories relating to Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs are coming out following the Cassie lawsuit bombshell.


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As noted in the TikTok video, there is an old clip from an ex-bodyguard for Diddy who claimed that Diddy attacked Porter. As a result, she allegedly retaliated and reportedly stabbed him. In the clip, the ex-bodyguard claims that Porter stabbed him in the wrist with a corkscrew after he wanted to “put his hands on her in the wrong way.”

How long did Diddy date Kim Porter?

Diddy and Porter began dating in the 90s and split in 2007. This was allegedly his longest relationship. The pair also raised 4 children together, as mentioned in this article.

Kim Porter Cause of Death

According to this article, Porter died of lobar pneumonia in 2018. She was reportedly found unresponsive in her bed.

Kimora Lee Simmons Diddy

Porter and Simmons were good friends. Simmons has also been involved in Porter’s kid’s lives since Porter’s passing. In light of the Cassie and Diddy drama, Simmons took to Instagram to post some cryptic messages, seemingly speaking out amidst the Cassie/Diddy lawsuit.

TikToker @stephwithdadeets also posted this video where she details Simmon’s latest IG posts and how they are related to Porter in light of the Cassie/Diddy drama.


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Kimora Lee Simmons Kim Porter

Simmons was one of the first to arrive at Porter’s house on the day of her death. In a tribute post to Porter, Simmons reflects back on the day of her death.

Porter seemingly died of pneumonia, but there is a rumor going around claiming that this is “BS.” Allegedly, Jaguar Wright supposedly claimed that there was an autopsy done on Porter which claimed that there was poison in Porter’s body at the time of death. This allegedly meant that her death was ruled as a homicide. However, that autopsy supposedly disappeared. Ed Winter, who was the coroner to celebrities at the time, reportedly did the autopsy results for Porter and he allegedly ruled it as a homicide. Ironically, he was allegedly fired and the coroner who took his place took 2 weeks to get results. It was eventually stated that Porter died of pneumonia in which the manner of death was seemingly labeled as “natural.”

Winter just died this year, passing away suddenly, as rumors recently surfaced that Porter’s family is allegedly working to have Kim’s body exhumed. In the days leading up to Porter’s death, she allegedly reached out to her doctor but he “never got back to her.” Diddy allegedly reached out and referred her to his doctor.

Three days before she passed she reportedly “Wasn’t feeling well” and according to Diddy, the last thing Porter said to Diddy was, “Puffy take care of my babies.”

Although there is no concrete evidence to support these claims, what do you think about the rumors?

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