The dynamic and ever-changing fashion industry has adopted an interest in a trend that counters the dominant ideas about what high fashion should look like.

Well, those days are still here (why fix what is not broken, right?)

What was, once upon a time, denounced and discredited in the legacy of the sartorial world has now made its way to the forefront of celebrity style: urban streetwear clothing.


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Let’s travel back to a time when brands like Rocawear, Phat Farm and A Bathing Ape were at the peak of their popularity, when everyone was fighting to rock their garments — those pink and white high tops may as well have been a rite of passage in middle school days.

Streetwear style has been historically embraced across hip-hop culture, most often embodied in those comfortable and casual pieces donned by Jay Z or Diddy in the early aughts. Jeans, sneakers, ball caps and big tees completed that staple look that feels forever emblazoned in the archives of pop cultural memory. Of course, time has certainly evolved since the era of Sean John and G-unit, because brands that would have comfortably fit into the beloved “streetwear” compartment were not entirely accepted in the “high fashion” industry.

What was once known as bling culture was promoted primarily by rappers (just check the ownership of the brands listed above) and pushed forward a sporty twist, which is also referred to as athleisure or your typical laid-back gear.

Today, you may not come across Baby Phat puffer coats or Enyce white-tees since high fashion labels have taken the liberty to adopt these fads and present them to their buyers and viewers as luxury sports wear. High-end brands such as Alexander Wang, DKNY, and Gucci have started to develop sportswear that have been deemed luxurious by using leather, silk, and organza fabrics to produce their top of the line clothing.

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Gone are the days where Kimora Lee and Russell Simmons invaded your closet and accessories too (we will miss the bedazzled encrusted cat on the back of Motorola flip phones) but such styles are now seen on some of your favorite models, socialites and celebrities. A-listers surely will not pass up a good opportunity to dress in urban streetwear clothes whether they are captured by paparazzi or attending an event. So, in some ways we can thank these megastars for reviving urban streetwear although we will never discredit the originators who dignified the trend.

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