Discover the Iconic Canada Goose x OVO Collaboration

Two legendary Canadian brands, Canada Goose and OVO (October’s Very Own), celebrate an extraordinary 12-year partnership with the launch of their latest ‘Life at Night’ capsule collection. Born from the fusion of OVO’s distinctive style and Canada Goose’s unparalleled functionality, this limited edition collaboration embodies the essence of ‘life at night’ in an array of exceptional winter essentials. The collection launched on December 8th and is available at participating Canada Goose and OVO locations, as well as online at and

Drake Canada goose Jacket

The collection unveils a fully unisex lineup, placing the spotlight on iconic pieces such as the Chilliwack Bomber, the ultra-soft reflective Knit Balaclava, and Scarf. Drawing inspiration from the allure of nocturnal experiences, these redesigned Canada Goose core pieces feature unique reflective branding and are meticulously crafted in Canada Goose’s refined Performance Satin.

Canada Goose x OVO Chilliwack Bomber

drake canada goose jacket

At the forefront stands the Canada Goose x OVO Chilliwack Bomber, meticulously crafted with Canada Goose’s elevated Performance Satin. This shorter, style-forward bomber design prioritizes durability, warmth, mobility, and versatility. With an adjustable tunnel hood, stretch rib waistband and cuffs, and an array of interior and exterior pockets, this iconic piece pays homage to post-war bush pilots while embracing modern functionality.

Refined Accessories: Knit Scarf & Balaclava

ovo scarf 2023

Complementing the bomber are the Canada Goose x OVO Knit Scarf and Balaclava, both fashioned with 100% biodegradable superfine Merino Wool from Italy. These accessories offer exceptional softness, warmth, and breathability. Embraced with uniquely reflective elements, including reflective threads and the emblematic OVO owl logo, they elevate winter accessories into a realm of both style and function.

Embrace Exceptional Design and Performance

As two Canadian icons unite, this collection embodies a celebration where functionality meets unparalleled style. The collection sees winter wardrobes transcend into a realm of extraordinary design and performance.

Published by HOLR Magazine.