Why is Disney brawl video trending? HOLR breaks down the recent fight that broke out between two families in the most magical place on eath.

Disney Brawl Video

A fight allegedly broke out between two families after one family refused to move for the other to take a photo op.

Check out the viral video of the altercation posted by New York Post on YouTube:

In the video, the two families can be seen physically fighting one another, with some members yelling at others in the group. As mentioned in the caption of the above YouTube video, the shocking video- taken from inside the park- shows the group throwing punches at each other.

One individual can be seen on the ground as Disney employees call for backup. The families involved were shouting and cursing at each other all before workers from the park, as well as a security officer, stepped in to split them all up.

Disney Brawl

The fight supposedly broke out at the entrance to Magic Kingdom Park in Disney World as mentioned here. Multiple people were allegedly involved in the incident but the fight reportedly started after one family asked another to move for a photo-op, and they declined.

The aftermath is unclear in regard to what happened to the families, although it could be likely that both groups may be banned from Disney Parks for engaging in the fight.

Published by HOLR Magazine.