In the latest episode drop from Netflix’s Love is Blind we see Jeramey and Laura get into a heated argument about Jeramey staying out until 5 AM with Sarah Ann. HOLR breaks down the latest rumors surrounding the pair’s relationship. 

Jeramey and Laura Love is Blind 

According to the latest episodes from Love is Blind, Jeramey- who is engaged to Laura- was allegedly caught claiming that he stayed out until 5 AM with Sarah Ann. Sarah Ann was Jeramey’s past love interest in the pods before he decided to get engaged to Laura. In this clip posted to TikTok by use @ashleyvera__, we see Jeramey and Laura arguing about him being out late with Sarah Ann.

Jeramey claims that he knew Sarah Ann was going to be at this place he was going to that night and still decided to go. He alleges that Sarah Ann came up to him, hugged him to say hi then walked away so he decided to chat with her and the pair allegedly ended up staying out until 5 AM. When Laura seemingly tracked his phone’s location she alleged that he was not originally where he said he was and that he was actually in Sarah Ann’s neighborhood. This is where the episode cuts out.

This scene leaves the audience wondering if Jeramey and Laura will last as a couple as it seems as though Jermaey does not want to reveal the full truth about what happened that night. He seems very guarded during the conversation which has led to infidelity rumors floating around online.

Jeramey and Sarah Ann

In the trailer for the next set of upcoming episodes, we see AD talking to Sarah Ann and allegedly telling her that he (Jeramey) did not choose her. However, the clip allegedly shows Sarah Ann seemingly alluding to Jeramey allegedly telling her that he was going to “break everything off”- supposedly with Laura.

Does this mean that Jeramey wants to be with Sarah Ann instead? It is unclear as the remainder of the episodes have not aired yet and we do not know where Jeramey and Laura or Jeramey and Sarah Ann stand. Last we saw, Laura and Jermaey were in a heated argument about him spending time with Sarah Ann so when the trio seemingly meet face-to-face in the upcoming episodes we may have more clarity on what goes down within each relationship.

There is no concrete evidence to support the claims that Jermaey leaves Laura for Sarah Ann because right now we as viewers still see Jermaey and Laura as a couple on screen. We will have to wait and see what happens as the remainder of the episodes play out.

 What are your thoughts on Season 6 of Love is Blind so far?

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