Fans are wondering about Trevor’s hairline in the latest episode drop from Love is Bind. HOLR breaks down the rumors. 

CAUTION: Love is Blind new episode drop spoilers ahead

Trevor Love is Blind Head

The newest Love is Blind episodes just dropped and there is a lot to unpack! Fans saw Trevor and Chelsea interacting for the first time in which the duo seemed to have chemistry all over again. During their conversation, however, fans were quick to notice that Trevor’s hairline looked a bit red on camera.

Why is this so?


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Trevor Love is Blind Hairline

According to this Reddit thread, theories were running rampant online regarding the seemingly bright red line on Trevor’s forehead potentially being acne, a sunburn, or an allergic reaction.

However, Trevor may have Psoriasis. Although this has not been confirmed, a Reddit user took to the comment section of the thread to explain that they seemingly have a similar condition in which Psoriasis can flare up. “It’s psoriasis. Why would you comment on this. He is probably having a flare up from nerves. I hate the appearance judgement. I am sure he sees this and is not happy how it is shown. Let’s focus on personality,” said another Reddit user.

It is important to note that it is unclear what happened to Trevor’s hairline as he has not addressed it and this is all speculation. There could very well be nothing wrong , it has just seemingly caused concern among fans.

Trevor and Chelsea Love is Blind

Chelsea and Trevor got the opportunity to meet face-to-face on the show for the first time and the duo engaged in a heart-to-heart conversation. Chelsea expressed that Trevor is her “type” and Trevor admitted that Chelsea is “attractive.” They also kept the bracelets that they shared in the pods.

Chelsea is still engaged to Jimmy on the series so we will have to wait and see what the future episodes hold in terms of their relationship.

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