Jeramey and Sarah Ann from Love is Blind are rumored to have broken up. 

HOLR breaks down the claims.

Jeramey Love is Blind Sarah Ann

According to this TikTok video posted by user @positivelyuncensored, there are rumors floating around that Jeramey and Sarah Ann have called it quits after their controversial relationship that started on Netflix’s Love is Blind.


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As the TikToker notes, there is seemingly an online dating profile of Jeramey circulating online but it is unclear if it is real or not. Jeramey and Sarah Ann had a controversial relationship on the Netflix reality show after it was revealed that Jeramey stayed out late one night to hang out with her while still engaged to his ex, Laura.

Jeramey Love is Blind Reunion

Jeramy and Sarah Ann were still together at the reunion special.

This alleged profile of Jeramey on Bumble features photos of the Love is Blind cast member. The TikToker in the above video also notes that an anonymous tip claimed that these same photos were apparently used on other dating apps as well by others who had seen him prior. Again -this remains unconfirmed if it is actually Jeramey or not.

Sarah Ann Love is Blind Jeramey

Another interesting clue that the TikToker points out is that an alleged recent video of Sarah Ann shows her in another house that is not the same one she had previously posted in with Jeramey.

However, as revealed at the reunion by fellow cast member Chelsea, the pair had broken up and gotten back together multiple times before so it’s possible this could be another time. Only time will tell if the rumors are true or not.

What do you think of these claims- do you think the two actually broke up?

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