The whole internet is wondering if the bar, Lost and Found, has a parking lot after all following Jeramey and Laura’s viral argument on Love is Blind.

Jeramey and Laura Love is Blind

According to this TikTok video posted by user @lilmskris0622, anyone who lives in Charlotte “knows” that Lost and Found allegedly doesn’t have a parking lot.

Love is Blind Lost and Found

Well, it does but there are supposedly only a few spots so if “5 employees show up you ain’t got a parking lot.” The TikToker then proceeds to show the Lost and Found “parking lot” and sure enough, there are only a handful of parking spots. So did Jeramey show up when it first opened, because other than that he wouldn’t have a place to park as it would assumably fill up easily.

As well, the TikToker goes into a nearby alley to show that there is no parking there either.

Was Jeramey lying about being in the parking lot with Sarah Ann that night? It is possible that Jeramey could have parked somewhere else but the parking lot is so small it seems unlikely that he would’ve been able to park there that night he went to the bar if this is actually the case.

What are your thoughts on this video of the Lost and Found “parking lot.”

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Image Credits: @lilmskris0622 TikTok