Why did Trevor leave the Love is Blind reunion early? HOLR breaks down the details.

Once Trevor took his seat on the reunion couch, Vanessa wasted no time grilling Trevor on the alleged rumors around his name. She began to mention the screenshots that surfaced online between him and his alleged girlfriend during the same time of the experiment.

Nick revealed that they did have screenshots of the texts from before and after the pods. Trevor texted her “I love you so much honey. I’m excited for it but more excited to get back to you after and start our life together.” during this Chelsea seemed visibly uncomfortable.

The texts from leaving the pods included, “Do you still love me?” the texts continued as they shared they love and miss each other. The most shocking part of these texts was him saying he was going to marry her.


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Trevor seemed distraught when it came time to explain these texts. He revealed that he was not “dating her” he continued to say that she was the typical girl he would go for in the real world and wanted to challenge that by doing this experiment.

Chelsea jumped into the conversation by sharing that she had a gut feeling she should not pick him and that it all makes sense now. Trevor explained that he wanted to marry the other girl once leaving the pods because he was an “emotional wreck”. Vanessa then asked if he comes on the show to pursue a career on television, Trevor asked to leave, shortly after Nick dismissed him.

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