Will Sarah Ann be at the Love is Blind 6 reunion special airing soon on Netflix? This is one of the burning questions people have after new photos of the reunion show were shown online.

Will Sarah Ann be at the Love is Blind reunion?

Right now, that remains unclear.

In this recently released photo series of the cast’s reunion looks Sarah Ann was not present despite being part of the Season 6 love triangle between Jeramey and Laura. Sarah Ann famously sent Jeramey a DM while he was engaged to Laura and the duo were reportedly caught having a conversation with one another until the early hours of the morning, seemingly causing Laura and Jermaey to call off their engagement shortly after.

Viewers of the show want to see Sarah Ann, Laura, and Jeramey interact during the latest Love is Blind reunion special so it is likely that Sarah Ann will be in attendance, but again- this has not been officially confirmed.

In a leaked snippet of the reunion, we can see that Laura will be attending the reunion via Zoom call. Jeramey is going to be present in person at the reunion along with cast members; Jimmy, Chelsea, Brittany, Kenneth, Jessica, Amy, Johnny, AD, and Clay.

It is unclear whether Sarah Ann will be at the reunion yet and if so, in person or via Zoom. We will have to stay tuned to find out. There are even talks that Sarah Ann and Jeramey may be together following the season finishing filming as fans think that they’ve spotted some key hints (for instance, here).

The reunion special will air on March 13 at 9 pm EST/6 pm PST on Netflix.

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