Dua Lipa is only 22-years-old but you would never guess it from a conversation. Her voice is raspy and mature, and she exudes a certain confidence and wisdom in her words that far surpasses her age. Not only does the British singer of Albanian descent know what she wants as an artist, but she’s not afraid to vocalize it and do things her way. With her catchy songs, unique style, and strong vocals, Dua’s on the fast climb to becoming the defining pop voice of this generation.

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Dua first started exploring her passion for music via YouTube video covers at 15 years old, but in just a few short years that passion transformed into commercial success. Today Dua Lipa is the most streamed female artist with her single New Rules being streamed over 1 billion times. The single has also scored her a spot on Billboard’s top ten chart. Her self-titled album landed her in the lead at the Brit Award’s with five nominations, surpassing Ed Sheeran. She’s also performed on SNL, Ellen, and Jimmy Kimmel, and perhaps now is a good time to mention that this was all at the beginning of 2018.

There’s no denying that Dua is one to watch this year and for many years to come. She has the perfect recipe for success: immense talent, an it-girl presence and a strong work ethic that has seen her touring since 2016. Despite the accolades that Dua has achieved, her humility and authenticity keep her from getting too caught up in it. For Dua, success means constantly growing, creating and becoming better and she’s showing no signs of slowing down. Dua is currently working on her second album, which she describes as soulful, and we can’t wait to see what she comes up with next.

HOLR: You’ve mentioned that you grew up listening to a lot of strong female pop artists.. How do you hope to use your voice to empower girls and women?

DUA LIPA: I would like to be a role model and set a good example. I think the best thing in order for us to move forward is for girls to stick together and to fight for equality and support one another. We need to work together to fight for the future. And if I can make music that kind of aids this movement or even make a soundtrack that resonates with this period of change then I’m going to try and do my part.

H: What’s the writing process like for you?

DL: I think it’s changed a bit over time. Especially now with what I’ve been working on. But I always start with the things that have happened in my life. So those are the things that inspire me the most. I always feel like I have a lot to talk about. Especially when I’m kind of going through something and I write them all down. Then I go into the studio and make up melodies and put the words that I’ve just written to the melody. I make the melody fit around the words…

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