Dylan Mulvaney Tampax Spokesperson Explained

Dylan Mulvaney, a popular transgender influencer, has faced backlash from right-leaning Americans over her recent partnership with Bud Light, which features her face on a beer can that was sent to her. However, what has also come under scrutiny is the fact that people online believe that Dylan Mulvaney is a Tampax spokesperson due to a video she posted with the brand on her Tik Tok in December 2022. Since the Bud Light controversy has gone viral, this old video of Mulvaney with Tampax has resurfaced.

@dylanmulvaney Day 271- the great tampon debacle of 2022 #trans ♬ original sound – Dylan Mulvaney

Does Dylan Mulvaney Have a Partnership With Tampax

According to another video that Mulvaney posted, she does not have a partnership with Tampax. In response to the confusion, Mulvaney took to TikTok to clarify that the tampons are not for her personal use. She explained that while in a public restroom, a woman once asked her if she had any tampons, and since she didn’t, she decided to always carry them in case another woman needed them. She believes in women supporting women, and this is her small way of doing so.

Despite the backlash, Mulvaney has also had to defend herself against accusations of promoting Tampax, a feminine hygiene brand. She clarified that she has never worked with the company and has never made a dollar off of feminine hygiene products. The only interaction she had with Tampax was when they reportedly sent her a box of tampons in April 2022 to give to women in need.

As she puts it, “You come over to my house and we are having a glass of wine, I got a tampon for you. 4 am in the club and we go to the bathroom together, I have a tampon for you.

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