What better way to embrace this season of rejuvenation than with a selection of delightful Easter drinks that encapsulate the spirit of spring? 

Whether you’re hosting a festive brunch, looking for a great bottle to pair with your Easter meal, or pouring something extra for the egg hunt, these refreshing beverages, available at the LCBO now, will elevate your Easter gathering. 

Drinks Made For Easter Brunch 

Embrace the essence of spring and fill up your cup with a pairing for brunch delights. From ready-to-sip cocktails to wines, all are invited – cheers to Easter brunch, where every sip is a celebration!

Best canned tequila sunrise  

A cocktail that tastes and looks like the rising sun is a Tequila Sunrise. The Olé Tequila Sunrise is a tart and sweet, ready-to-go cocktail that combines tequila blanco and a lot of flavour. Citrusy and juicy with a touch of pomegranate, this canned cocktail is a great brunch complement and can be served garnished with an orange slice.

good brunch white wine 2024

An award-winning Viognier, the Y Series Viognier by Yalumba is filled with floral, herbal and honeyed citrus notes, with a rich palate and a long finish. It is a wine truly at home on the brunch table. It makes for a delicious matchup with seafood, vegetarian dishes and creamy sauce. Eggs Benny with Smoked Salmon, anyone? This is the wine to pair with it.

red wine for daytime drinking 

If red wine is always your jam, no matter the timing, then the Angelo Montepulciano D’Abruzzo is the red wine for brunch. With a beautifully intense colour, this super juicy Italian wine is filled with notes of black cherry raspberry and soft, savoury notes, complemented by a palate with hints of spice. This is the wine for steak and eggs!

premade bellini drink 

Brunch isn’t always about Mimosas. Have you ever brunched sipping on a Bellini? The Cipriani Bellini is a bottled-up and ready-to-serve take on the classic Bellini. Combining sparkling wine and peach juice, this cocktail offers candied peach and lemon aromas, adding a gentle sweetness and elegance to this classic cocktail.

Wines Made To Be Paired With A Traditional Meal 

Each bottle is a testament to the art of food and wine pairing, from reds that accentuate savoury notes to crisp whites that perfectly balance the fresh flavours. Whether serving a family classic or trying something new, these wines are perfect for pairing with whatever you have in store this Easter.

white wine to pair with seafood brunch

Not every Easter celebration includes lamb or pork; white wine might be perfect for your Easter meal if you have a seafood or vegetable-loving family. The Gabbiano Pinot Grigio IGT Delle Venezie is an Italian white wine from the north-eastern regions of the country. It is a classic style filled with aromas of ripe pear, honeydew melon, and a slight nutty tone. And on the palate, it is a crisp, mineral-driven and vibrant delight.

tasty red wine for day drinking

Made from the grape Sangiovese in the province of Emilia Romagna, Italy, the Prugneto Romagna DOC Sangiovese Superiore by Porderi dal Nespoli is a medium-body red wine with notes of fresh purple flowers, cherry, plum and cinnamon, followed by a palate that is filled with complex spies and a length finish. This is the red wine to pair with a good vegetable roast, a tomato sauce pasta, or even a classic lamb Easter dish.

brunch cabernet wine

Cabernet Sauvignon is an excellent wine for an Easter meal based around ham. The Toasted Head Cabernet Sauvignon shows what California can do with this grape. ‘Toasted Head’ refers to how this wine is matured in barrels with toasted heads and staves. This results in a dark wine with ripe fruit notes, vanilla and touches of caramelized sugar, followed by a smooth and full-bodied finish. It is an ideal wine to match with a honey-baked ham.

barolo beef

Classic Italian Barolo wines have an air of sophistication fit for the advanced home cook looking to make a stamen this Easter. The Marchesi di Barolo La Tradizione Barolo is made solely from Nebbiolo grapes from select vineyards in Barolo, Monforte, Castiglione Falletto and La Morra. It is an intensely aromatic wine with hibiscus, rose, cherry, leather, smokey notes, and a bold but elevated finish. This is a wine to pair with the best, like Brasato al Barolo, a beef dish cooked in Barolo. 

Ready, Set, Cheers To A Good Egg Hunt

Easter egg hunts are often considered a cherished childhood tradition, but with a creative twist, they can also become an exciting game for adults! Especially when paired with delicious drinks. Instead of just focusing on the thrill of finding hidden treasures, elevate the experience by incorporating delightful libations into the mix.

red wine for easter

Chocolate and red wines can be a match made in heaven. The Confidencial Reserva by Casa Santos Lima is a bold Portuguese red that blends ten different grapes to create a wine meant to be savoury. It is filled with dark fruit notes, bold spices, and firm tannins that leave a memory behind. Pair this kind of wine with fruity or nutty milk chocolate, or give it a sip and watch the festivities unfold.

best liberty school wine

The Liberty School Cabernet Sauvignon from Paso Robles is a deliciously bold red from the Hope Family wine catalogue. This rich Cabernet Sauvignon shows off notes of plum, cassis, blackberries, toasted tobacco, and cola spices. On the palate, it is such a bold wine with a velvety finish. This is the kind of wine you can sip along with espresso chocolate.

Wine for girls easter lunch 

White wines are not left out of the festivities. The Picnic Rueda Verdejo is a festive bottle made from the signature grape of Rueda, Verdejo. This wine comes from a small Spanish wine region and delivers notes of lime, apple, and peach with a vibrant finish. If chocolate is not your vibe, this is the white wine to sip that will ring in spring, and it pairs so well with fruits and cheese.

hard Italian soda brio

A classic for those who grew up in Ontario is a take with a new spin, Hard Brio Italian Soda. With its very disinvite bittersweet flavour of orange peel, herb and complex spice notes, this new take on a class is now at the LCBO. It is a delightful complement to a fun day celebrating Easter and the new season.

Feature image credit: Lloyd Dirks (Unsplash)