All of us love taking road trips because it gives us unparalleled enjoyment. When planning a road trip, we recall when we would pull out our favorite paper maps and highlight routes with a rainbow of colored pens. Others may enjoy the freedom that comes from not having to adhere to any schedules or predetermined routes when going for a drive on roads that never seem to stop.

Some of the best parts of a road trip include several delightful surprises, stopping wherever you want, going down any road you wish to, and simply being free. Yet, along with the happiness, there is also the possibility of missteps or getting lost. Since smartphones have changed how we travel, we can easily access route planning app downloads to help us ease ourselves while on the road. 

We all have a bit of the classic explorer, which hasn’t changed even though road trips have become much easier to organize in modern times. Hence, road planning application tools have made it possible to optimize the amount of planning that can go into your subsequent lengthy travel in several ways. 


If you’re looking for a traffic app, look no further; Waze is the undisputed champion among all other available apps. More so, it is a crowdsourced navigation app that gives more up-to-the-moment data than competitors like Apple Maps and Google Maps, which only provide warnings when traffic is expected to worsen.

Waze will teach you how to navigate unfamiliar cities like a native with real-time updates that alert you to upcoming road construction, traffic jams, and other hazards. It also compiles information from other drivers to make your commute faster and more efficient because nobody wishes to spend time stuck in traffic when they can see the sights.

Google Maps/ Google Trips

Google Maps, unquestionably the most widely used navigation app, simplifies the experience of visiting unfamiliar locations. If you rely on Google, organizing your vacation will be a piece of cake. 

You can personalize the pre-constructed day plans that are provided for hundreds of the most famous tourist destinations from all over the world. It’s one of the best trip-organizing tools available, letting you view your reservations in one place, including those for lodging, transportation, and dining.


Are you planning a road trip with your friends? Use the free service Roadtrippers to plot out the best stops along the way. Roadtrippers provides a list of countless locations, some of which are hotels, national parks, restaurants, must-see tourist attractions in the neighborhood, and even roadside attractions that are unique and unusual.

Draw up a route with as many as seven waypoints and learn about hidden viewpoints, tourist spots, local restaurants, and hidden hiking trails that aren’t on Google Maps. You can also get ideas for your trip from the many available pre-made travel guides.

Not only that, it may be worthwhile to upgrade to Roadtrippers Plus for longer trips, as this gives you the ability to plan up to 150 stops, collaborate with friends on creating an itinerary, and connect directly to offline maps.


Inevitably, gas prices always increase because more people are taking vacations when summer rolls around. But, you don’t have to worry as GasBuddy will help you keep track of your road trip budget, and you can utilize the best gasoline deals available in your area, regardless of where you happen to be.

To elaborate, when you use GasBuddy, you can find the type of fuel that is the least expensive overall and find gas stations depending on the distance between them and their fuel price. It also includes assisting others in finding affordable fuel by presenting fuel prices focusing on your personal experiences. So, you can easily earn points and badges by reporting fuel prices.

iExit (Interstate Exit Guide)

Highway travel and vacations on the open road go hand in hand, and if you aren’t familiar with the path, navigating the highway can be difficult. With iExit, you’ll never miss an exit because you’ll always know what’s at the next one in advance. The app determines precisely where you are on the highway based on your device’s location and then shows you a real-time feed of all the next available exits.

Published by HOLR Magazine.