Everyone has a lot of thoughts in their mind, but no one to express them to. Emma Chamberlain is in the same boat, and she shares her conceptions with a microphone.

On April 19, Emma Chamberlain launched the first episode of her podcast “Anything Goes,” (previously named ‘Stupid Genius’). This is a weekly series in which she aims to make a conversation about any particular issue or topic.

Chamberlain talks in detail about her thoughts, conversations, and advice on topics from relationships and dealing with failure, to the difficulties of being a cat mom, and crazy stories with friends that are all relatable. The best thing about this podcast? anything really does go. It could be serious, funny, suspenseful, or about nothing at all. Most importantly, it’ll always be entertaining.

There are podcasts that aim at a topic thats unique or intriguing to lure listeners in. Instead of taking a similar approach, Chamberlain has kept it super simple, and included a human element in all of her matters. She releases new episodes every Thursday.

Listen to Emma Chamberlain’s ‘Anything Goes’ stories here.

Published by: HOLR Magazine.