Gender-inclusive clothing has been making its statements for a very long time and many brands have made it easy with hoodies, T-shirts and track pants, but Everlane is taking the step towards gender-inclusive jeans, that range in size to fit no matter the gender. 


Gender-inclusive clothing can be very hard to create, when it comes to track pants or a hoodie, having a one-size-fits-all fit is easy because loungewear is meant to be either baggy or oversized. Jeans are a whole different story. Jeans are meant to create shape, they have different cuts, rises and tapers for different genders. Everlane has found a way to make a jean that is gender inclusive and it is called the Everyone jean. 

Everlane has been known to be radically transparent with their clients about how they work, what they do and why they do it. The company has come out and talked about wanting to be ethically responsible for their brand, and with that, they have invested the time to make sure the fabrics and materials they use are ethical to the people wearing them, but also to the environment we live in. 

The everyone jean is Everlanes most gender-inclusive jeans yet, and they mean it is for everyone. The brand wants to blur the lines of gendered fashion, meaning no ‘women’s’ or ‘men’s’ labels, considering many women might want to wear men’s clothes, and vice versa, the same goes with those who do not identify under a specific gender. With everyone’s jeans, many people can now feel comfortable buying clothes from Everlane because they do not have to label themselves with the clothing they choose to buy, with genderless clothing, those who do not identify under a gender do not need to feel ashamed or do not need to conform to these norms. 

Many people do not know the history of where jeans came from. Jeans were originally created as workwear for men and were not introduced for women until 70 years later. Nowadays, jeans are a part of everyone’s wardrobe and are no longer considered appropriate or not per the gender wearing them. 


Now, as Everlane has created inclusive jeans for everyone they wanted to make sure it was an appropriate fit that can really be worn for all, and they call it the icon fit. Fits by gender are hard, for women many believe it needs to but ultra-skinny, high waisted and shape the butt, for men they think it needs to be big and baggy, and have no shape at all, but with Everlane they have created a cut that is the best of both worlds and can truly fit everyone. 

Everyone jean has an inclusive sizing scale of E1-E11. E1 corresponds to a 25 waist for men and 23 waists for women and sizing goes up from there. 

The everyone jeans are not only inclusive but they are some of the best quality jeans you’ll ever try on. They are made from 100% organic cotton which not only saves water, but is better for the soil, and it is a safer material to work with for the workers and the wearers. 

The everyone jean is truly one that is going to make an impact, the fit, the style and much more are all perfect for everyone, anyone who wants to wear it and everyone who just wants to be included. 

Article published by HOLR Magazine

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